Venue Rentals

The Curling Club facility is rented to the Invermere Pickleball Club from April 1 to September 30.  The 2024-25 curling season will start up again in mid-October.

Facility Rentals are available again!

The facility is a fully licensed venue conveniently located downtown Invermere, within walking distance to several accommodation options.

The second floor lounge and bar is a great venue for weddings, birthdays and anniversary celebrations, speaking events, classroom activities, and luncheons.  Ideal number of patrons is no more than 75.

In the winter months the beginner-friendly sport of Curling is accessible to all ages – elementary school students to seniors. This makes it a great choice for staff parties, social events, including birthday and anniversary celebrations, association events and more. In the summer months, the concrete surface (where the ice is in the winter) is rented by the Invermere Pickeball Club.

you are welcome to self-cater your event, or work with any caterer of your choosing. You are also free to decorate the space to suit your event. (please no confetti or sparklers!)


  • Licensed Bar
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Two sets of washrooms
  • 4 sheets of ice
  • Curling brooms & sliders
  • Value Priced Rentals
Ice Rules:
Only clean inside runners or curling shoes can be worn on the ice
Maximum of 40 people allowed on the ice at one time
No food or drink allowed on or around the ice
We reserve the right to remove anyone from the ice if we deem necessary
Lounge Rules:
No outside alcohol is permitted
It is the responsibility of the renter to leave the lounge and kitchen area clean
Renters will respect the agreed last call, bar closing and facility exit times
We reserve the right to stop serving anyone who has had too much to drink or are out of control


Rental Rate:
Liquor licenses, permits and event insurance to be held by the renter, copies must be presented to “INVDCC” prior to the event.

Rental # of Guests Rate
Upstairs Lounge 0-75 $ 300.00
Bar Fee Includes Bartender* $100.00
Kitchen Fee $100.00
Curling Ice (2 hours) First sheet/additional sheets $200/$100

* Bartender tips not included
** 5% GST added to subtotal of all fees
*** A damage deposit will be required, based on your rental needs.
*** All rental and lounge rates are subject to change, at anytime.

Lounge Rates:
Beer, Coolers & Liquor $5.50
Wine $5.50 glass
Sparkling Wine (Prosecco) 375mm bottle $15.00
Non-alcoholic Beer $3.75
Pop & Juice $1.50
Popcorn & Chips $2.50