2024 Bonspiel on the Lake

Congratulations to all of the winners in this year’s Bonspiel on the Lake.

Main Bonspiel:

1st in A:  Greenhorns (Montana, USA).

2nd in A:  Heidt

1st in B:  Hromadnik

2nd in B:  Perry

1st in C:  Brunner

2nd in C:  Hackjobs

1st in D:  Patton

2nd in D:  Goldie Rocks

Hunger Games Mini Spiel:

1st in A:  Strandberg

2nd in A:  Game of Stones

1st in B:  Cheatos

2nd in B:  Lack of Sweep

1st in C:  White House Classics

2nd in C:  MacDonald